Enjoy the speedy #BCC wash package while knowing that your car will come out clean and dry.  Our body Foamers and Tire Scrubbers will take care of even the dirtiest vehicles and our Spot Free Rinse and High Speed Dryers will leave you with a shiny, dry car!


Our #PCC wash package offers the same cleaning power as the #BCC with the added benefit of Wheel Foamers that will penetrate all surfaces of your wheels and tires.  Your car will also be covered with our Clear Coat Protectant, that helps prevent wear and tear and extends the life of your vehicle’s paint!




The #SCC wash package includes all of the added benefits of the #PCC.  In addition, your vehicle will be immersed in our custom GFY Polish and your tires will receive Tire Shine, leaving them gleaming and protected against dirt and grime.  Your vehicle will also receive the unmatched power of Turtle Wax ICE Vehicle Protectant.  The application of the ICE Protectant will repel rain, while simultaneously shining your glass, plastic trim, chrome, and paint.



Our #TCC wash package gives you everything GFY has to offer!  Your vehicle will be covered in our Liquid Fire Detergent, a carnauba based formula that maximizes protection and shine.  You will also receive every benefit of our wash, from our Pre-Soak to our High Speed Blowers, you will have a bumper to bumper clean and protected vehicle, unmatched by our competitors.  

After your vehicle receives the #TCC wash, our Dry N’ Shine system offers high quality buffing and drying capabilities that will take your vehicle to the next level!  Our Dry N’ Shine system will leave your car totally dry and totally polished, preventing spots and streaks.  You will get the quality of a hand dried and hand polished vehicle, in a fraction of the time!


Don’t miss the Rhino Mat Machine and the free vacuums before leaving our lot!


Rhino Mat Machine

After the wash, enjoy the added benefit of our Rhino Mat Machine. In 30 Seconds, even the most stubborn dirt will be washed out of your rubber or carpet floor mats.  Even pet hair is no match for the cleaning power of the Rhino Mat Machine.  The specially made brushes leave your mats looking like new and the drying technology leaves them ready to be immediately put back into action.

Vacuum System

Don’t leave our wash without utilizing our FREE vacuum station! Our vacuum system will help you get all of the debris in your vehicle, helping you to have a clean car, inside and out!