GFY Express Car Wash Monthly Memberships are definitely the way to go if you wash your vehicle at least twice a month.  Each of our membership packages will pay for themselves upon your third trip through our express car wash or even sooner if you frequent our vacuum area.

Vacuum Usage is free when you purchase a wash or hold a current monthly membership.  Vacuum usuage is $3 per visit if you choose not to purchase a car wash on that visit.

For example, check out the pricing below:

Monthly Membership

Monthly Membership Purchase Is Easy!

Auto Renewal (Reoccurring) Monthly Car Wash Memberships:

GFY Express auto-renewal monthly memberships can be purchased with a credit or debit card through the outside paystation as you enter our car wash.  Once you purchase the monthly membership, GFY Express Car Wash will place a monthly membership barcode sticker on the inside of your vehicle window which will be scanned each time you re-visit our car wash.  This barcode sticker allows you to wash your vehicle one time each day throughout the month while your GFY Express Monthly Membership is active.

Prepaid Monthly Membership Plans:

In addition to our auto-renewal car wash monthly membership plans, we also offer prepaid monthly wash plans which can be paid with cash or card.  These plans come with a one time payment and expire at the end of their “prepaid period.”  For example, if you bought a one month prepaid membership on January 8, that membership would expire the night of February 7.  

Prepaid plans must be purchased through the office since they do not receive the $5 discount that comes with the auto-renewal monthly membership plans that can be purchased at the outdoor Paystation.

Prepaid One Month Membership Plan Rates:

Prepaid One Month Basic Clean Car Membership: $15

Prepaid One Month Protected Clean Car Membership: $25

Prepaid One Month Sparkling Clean Car Membership: $30

Prepaid One Month Sparkling Clean Car Membership: $30

Cancellation Policy:

If you choose to cancel your auto-renewing monthly membership, then you must request to cancel within seven business days in order to refrain from an additional charge on your credit card.  You may choose to cancel your monthly membership at anytime by emailing your request to along with your vehicle make, color and contact name.  You may also put in your request in person or call us at 832-639-8197 keeping in mind that sometimes we aren’t available to answer phone calls.

The recharge date of your monthly membership is the exact date at which you first set up your monthly membership.  For example, if you started your monthly membership on the 21st of June, then your recharge date would be the 21st of every month afterward.

Once a prepaid membership plan has been bought, it may not be cancelled since it is a prepaid option.